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Oakland High - April 2012 Update


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Hey Oakland HS Folks,
Please come out and support the OEA bargaining team, tomorrow, Wed. April 17th, 4-5 pm, at Splash Pad Park (Across from the Grand Lake Theater)
The district has put an offer on the table for a raise, and we need to stand with our team as they try to negotiate for the best contact possible!
Bring a sign, a noisemaker, and wear your OEA green.

Thanks, and hope to see some of you tomorrow,
Jessie Muldoon

Faculty Council

“It shall be the function of the FC to meet at least monthly in order to identify and discuss any and all problems and issues of common concern related to the program at the school. The FC will also make recommendations on site-based reforms regarding the delivery of instruction. The specific function of the Council shall be to advise and recommend.” (7.2)
This is the beginning paragraph of the 2005-2008 contract section about the Faculty Council. With all the councils and meetings and so on, this is probably one of the most misunderstood groups. 
Most schools do not actually have a functioning council and other schools have one which meets infrequently and a very few have one which apparently works pretty well.

The reasons are varied as to why they function sporadically. Although it is in the contract, many faculty members and administrators do not have the time for this group. 
However if the FC chairperson has or can foster a good working relationship with the principal as well as the other members of the council, the Council can have a real voice in many aspects of the working of the school.

All in all, the Faculty Council should and can be absolutely in the forefront at every school and should be made up of a group of people who can speak up for their colleagues but also make sure that unit members realize that their Faculty Council is ONLY as strong as the members allow them to be. I would strongly encourage those unit members who have been either elected or nominated, to read the contract text. Also, perhaps visit other sites where they believe the Faculty Council is in proper working order for more ideas and insight to improve our council here at Oakland High.

Oakland High Faculty Council Chair 
Catherine Darwish 


This month we have a new blog where members can check for OHigh OEA updates.
This blog is at:

Rori Abernethy

School Site Council and Budget

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Oakland High Information

Oakland High School Webpage

2012-2013 Site Reps

Rori Abernethy:
Ben Visnick:
Jessie Muldoon:
Catherine Darwish:

2012-2013 Faculty Council 

Chair:  Catherine Darwish
World Languages: Catherine Darwish
Math: Phil Grebe
Science: Mark Pichello
P.E. :
Social Studies: Ruben Rodriguez
Special Education: Jessie Muldoon

School Site Council:
Babara Cone
Ruben Rodriguez
Jim McGrath
Autumn Chapman